Historic newsreel footage shows the aftermath of the Dublin 1916 Easter Rising as "British troops march through the streets of Dublin."

The Irish Film Institute has released newsreel footage of Dublin during the 1916 Easter Rising.

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The historic footage, totaling just under seven minutes in length, was first screened in public on May 6th, 1916, just one week after the events of the Easter Rising (April 24th -29th).

Of the footage, the IFI says: “In this newsreel, British Troops march through the streets of Dublin and stand guard over the ruins of buildings in Dublin’s main thoroughfare, Sackville Street (two years after these events the street would be renamed O’Connell Street after the nationalist leader Daniel O’Connell).”

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“The city of Dublin is in ruins and smoke continues to billow from the GPO, the Four Courts, and the Metropole Hotel. Civilians stand on piles of rubble and observe the destruction far more closely than they would be allowed to today…”

The Dublin Rebellion newsreel footage is part of the IFI’s Irish Independence Film Collection, which features 150 newsreels spanning from 1900-1930, all of which can be found online.

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* Originally published in April 2019.