Name meaning: Some scholars believe the name derived from the French ‘Joice’, which means joy.

Counties associated with the name: Galway and Mayo.

Coat of arms motto: “Mors aut honorabilis vita” An honorable life, or death.

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Interesting facts: Though not Gaelic and sometimes found in England of non-Irish origin, Joyce may certainly be regarded as a true Irish name, and more particularly a Connacht one.

Some famous Joyces:

- James Joyce (1882-1941, famous Irish poet, novelist, playwright and author)

- Brenda Joyce (1963-, American novelist)

- William Joyce (1957-,American author, illustrator, and filmmaker)

- Alice Joyce (1890-1955, actress during the Silent Film Era)

- Michael Joyce (1951-, founder of Cinema Production Company Services Incorporated)

- Matt Joyce (1972-, former NFL tackle)

- Matt R. Joyce (1984-, MLB outfielder)

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