Love Slevin, from Enniskillen, reached out to IrishCentral in the hope that our community might help her track down her uncle Patrick T. Love and his family now suspected to be living in Woodside, in Queens, New York

Geraldine Love Slevin, from Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, reached out to IrishCentral to help her with her "burning desire to solve a family mystery." Let's see what we can do. 

She writes:

I am searching for my uncle Patrick T. Love, born on 22 November 1930, in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. He was known as Pat, Paddy and or Pake. His father was also Patrick Love and his mother was Mary Shannon.

It’s been a long time and perhaps he never wanted to be found but I want to reach out one more time.

He emigrated to the USA in 1957 and came back on holiday [to Ireland] in 1961. I remember his visit although I was only four at the time.

I have immigration records to prove his arrival in NYC along with an address in Woodside and an address in Flushing.I realize that factually I haven’t got much to go on but am hopeful that someone out there knew him.

That’s the last we know of him. It is a fact that he lived in Woodside, Queens, and that he was a barber by trade and was a talented clarinet player.

My father had two brothers Patrick was one and Fred the other never married. As a result, I have no cousins on the Love side of my family that I am aware of.

I come from a large typically Irish Catholic family and currently have seven brothers living, my one sister, who was Patrick’s godchild passed in 2004.

Over the years many of us have tried in various ways to find him, to no avail.

My daughter bought me an Ancestry DNA kit and membership for my 65th birthday in January and I have taken up to my search once again.

I’m planning a visit to NYC in June 2022 and am hoping to have some leads to follow up on when I get there. Please let me know if you need more background . I shall forward photos of the records also.

If you have any information please email Geraldine Love Slevin at

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