Ah, redheads - they have no shortage of admirers, and now in Ireland they even have their own festival.

This week the town of Crosshaven in County Cork hosted Ireland's first gathering of red-haired people over the weekend.

The Red Head Convention, which raises funds for the Irish Cancer Society, drew 300 redheads from all over the country. Participants took part in a number of activities, including a carrot-tossing competition, redhead speed-dating and contests relating to so-called ginger characteristics.

Contestants vied for awards like 'best red eyebrows' and even 'most freckles per square inch.'

John O'Malley from County Mayo won the 'King of the Red Heads' title, while Anneka Corcoran of Blarney, County Cork, was crowned Queen.

The fun wasn't restricted to the copper tops though, with a hairdressing station set up to dye hair red for charity.

'The response has been massive, so we might have to make this a yearly event,' convention organizer Denis Cronin told the press. The site of red coppers in the tills will probably make this an annual affair.

A redhead beauty