Hint: this legendary Irish boy's name has something to do with the salmon of knowledge.

If you were paying attention to your legends during school lessons, you will already know what moniker we are referring to.

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Parenting resource website Babygaga has released its list of this year's most anticipated baby boys' names. To determine their predictions, they analyzed the US top 200 name chart, pop culture trends, and baby naming websites. 

Their conclusion? Finn, which translates in Irish to 'fair', comes out on top.

The Gaelic name is of course derived from Fionn. Those familiar with Irish mythology will know the tale of Fionn MacCumhaill (Finn MacCool) the great warrior hero. 

Fionn MacCumhaill was a leader of the Fianna hunter-warriors. His life is most synonymous with the tale of the Salmon of Knowledge.

As a young boy, Fionn met the druid poet Finnegas near County Meath's River Boyne. Finnegas has been trying to catch the evasive all-knowing fish for years as it was believed that he who ate the fish would gain all the knowledge the world had to offer. Finnegas was eventually successful in capturing the fish, and instructed his protege Fionn to prepare it.

While cooking the fish, Fionn burnt his thumb on its scales, and instinctively put his scalded thumb into his mouth to soothe it, thereby gaining the promised wisdom.

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In 2016, Fionn was ranked #21 for baby boys registered in Ireland: meaning 308 babies were given the name.

Finn fared only slightly more popular, coming in at #20, as it was bestowed on 314 baby boys.

Stateside, Finn had not even entered the most popular names chart pre the year 2000. In less than two decades, it quickly found its way into the top 200.

The popularity might also be due to 15-year-old Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard, who has gained international fame thanks to his role as Mike Wheeler in Netflix hit "Stranger Things".

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In 2017, it was considered #150 on the the list. Meanwhile, based on interest on its website, Nameberry.com confirmed it was the 17th most searched for name - further cementing its omnipresence.

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