Dubin designer Rachel Kerr has come up with a unique way to celebrate this year’s Bloomsday which takes place on Sunday 16 June.

Inspired by the journey of James Joyce’s character of Leopold Bloom through Dublin on June 16th, 1904, Leopold's Day have released a carefully designed map of Dublin city formed purely from the people, premises and places cited in Ulysses. The waterways and Dublin Bay on the map are formed from extracts from the text and an accompanying directory cites over four hundred actual people and businesses mentioned in the book which were all verified in the 1904 “Thom’s Directory for Great Britain & Ireland”.

Kerr, who has worked for award winning design studios in Dublin, London and Melbourne, has spent the past three years creating the map, which she declares to be a marriage of typography and cartography. She includes over four hundred landmarks and businesses which formed part of the fabric of that monumental day when Leopold Bloom journeyed through the city.
“Ulysses provides such an amazing insight into Dublin in a bygone era that I felt it was the perfect lens through which to map the city," Rachel said.

The limited edition maps are available in two sizes and can be posted worldwide. They are sure to capture the imagination of Joyce fans, Dubliners and those with a passion for design, typography and cartography. Kerr’s maps are available from her website at www.leopoldsday.com.

Dublin designer creates map capturing locations, landmarks, businesses from James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’Rachel Kerr