U2 front man Bono has joined forces with anti-poverty campaigner Bob Geldof to release an online game that targets Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

In the game, a hammer thrower hurls Berlusconi's cartoon character into the air.

Bono and Geldof are attacking Italy's lack of aid to Africa.

The game is called "Hurl Berl."

It was developed by Bono's lobby group One, which raises funds and lobbies to increase governmental funding for aid in Africa.

To date, Italy has not come good on their pledged donations to Africa.

The game gives players the option to control the direction in which they would like to see the prime minister being hurled and what kind of force it should be done with!

Some of the options throw Berlusconi into the sky, over fluffy white clouds before he crashes into a cloud of dust.

However if the hurl is mistimed, the prime minster drops into a safety net. At this stage, seven other G8 leaders hold up a banner saying "Foul Throw, Try Again."

"We want you to try and throw Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi out of the G8 because he's let the side down once again," the Telegraph quoted One's website, as saying.

According to anti-poverty campaigners, Italy has the worst record of any G8 country in living up to its promises for African aid.

The website added: "Most G8 countries have canceled debt and increased effective aid to Africa.

"One man alone has done nothing. Prime Minister Berlusconi is doing even less now than he was five years ago."