Comedy duo Ant and Dec caused a stir by claiming that Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain.

No matter what your political or nationalist stance is: it can’t be denied that Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom. However, the hosts are correct: it is not technically considered a part of Great Britain.

We're ready! Hurry up and get here! #SaturdayNightTakeaway

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On last night’s episode of their long-running TV show “Saturday Night Takeaway”, Ant (Anthony McPartlin) and Dec (Declan Donnelly) made the contentious statement while introducing their returning game segment, Sofa Watch.

As Ant explains that Sofa Watch is coming back with the new title Sofa Watch Battle of Britain, Dec interjected, “Can I just stop you there for a second. I’ve just been thinking, what about Northern Ireland?"

“See Northern Ireland is not actually a part of Britain but we still want it to be part of Sofa Watch,” Dec continued.

In retaliation, Ant showed new graphics which displayed Sofa Watch Battle of Britain, before a purposefully delayed “and Northern Ireland” flashed across the screen.

Viewers of the award-winning show, which has been on air for over 15 years, were not happy with the OBE-ordained comedians.

What is it with ant & Dec northern Ireland is part of great Britain

— ronnie cunningham (@ronniecunning10) March 10, 2018

Since when, Ant & Dec, was Northern Ireland not part of GB - I do believe it’s on my passport?!! @itvtakeaway

— Catherine Mallon (@catherinemallon) March 10, 2018

Ant and dec referred to Northern Ireland is not part of GB that’s me finished with ant and dec show Saturday night takeaway

— Maureen bell (@Maureen44113763) March 10, 2018

However, many were quick to school the Twitter universe on basic facts of geography. Northern Ireland is technically NOT in Great Britain (made up of Scotland, England, and Wales).

Laughing at this whole Northern Ireland/Great Britain crap on Ant & Dec. May not be included as Great Britain but its 100% part of the UNITED KINGDOM & 0% "the North of Ireland" would love to know who taught some people basic geography. #AntAndDecsSaturdayNightTakeaway

— SJWilson30 (@SJWilson30) March 11, 2018

#SaturdayNightTakeaway Ant & Dec are factually correct, Great Britain comprises of Scotland, England and Wales. Channel Islands, Isle of Man & Northern Ireland & Gibraltar are not part of that unit. They comprise the United Kingdom with GB.

— JoeRyanWex (@CllrJoeRyan) March 11, 2018

Some of "ra peepl" really are stupid. Can't believe the uproar with ant & dec now on banned list. Northern Ireland is part of the uk. It isn't part of Great Britain. They've obviously never checked their passports or watched the Olympics

— Bryan McGlynn (@bmcglynn78) March 11, 2018

Geography is hard for some people. Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain!!
People spasing out over ant & dec comment.

— Mikey Thompson (@Mikey2004) March 10, 2018

ant & dec are literally correct when they say northern ireland isn’t in great britain because great britain is the geographical area of wales, scotland and england

— Cabáiste ☭ (@officerpeppa) March 10, 2018

Alas, the Great Britain/Northern Ireland issue wasn't the only hiccup on last night's show.

When an audience member named Louise was selected to compete in the Win the Ads segment, she dropped the F-bomb live on air as the cameras rolled to her.

#SaturdayNightTakeaway When you Win the Ads. 🤭🤣🤣🤣 F-Ing Hell.

— LfcMatt⚽️ (@BipolarAndLove) March 10, 2018

A red-faced Ant then made the woman apologize for her bad language.

"Now I have to apologise for any bad language somebody may have mouthed when they were surprised earlier," he chided. "Say sorry, Louise."