Just as the USA is known as a population made up of immigrants and their descendants, the population of Ireland is known for its long history of emigration to foreign shores.

In every far-flung corner of the Earth you’re sure to find an Irish bar with thanks to the thousands of people who have done their bit to set up an Irish community wherever they land their feet but of course, the US, England, Australia and Canada hold host to some of the the largest Irish populations.

Despite the prediction of the Irish government that immigration to Ireland will outweigh emigration by 2017, there is still a large number leaving to set up a second home in a different country.

John Cunningham from Celtic Cross Online, a site that sells handmade jewelry from Ireland, has created this infographic that brings together some of the best facts you may not have known about the Irish living abroad.

Did you know for instance that there are over three million Irish passport holders worldwide? Many of those among the 400,000 plus Irish people living in Britain and the ten per cent of the US population that claims Irish ancestry.

Or they could be among the Irish living in Australia, which is now the third most popular destination for the Irish living abroad with a 30 percent increase in the number of Irish people moving down under in the past six years.

Australia even rivals the US in terms of numbers claiming Irish heritage as according to 2006 census data, 9.1 per cent of the Australian population claim Irish ancestry.

Take a look at more fun facts about the Irish abroad in the infographic below.

You can see more from Celtic Cross Online at https://www.celticcrossonline.com/.