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On Friday, June 6, from 9am until 12 noon (EST), you will have access to six genealogy experts in Dublin who will answer all your burning questions about your heritage.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the origins of your family name or where your great-great-great grandfather twice removed hailed from, now is your chance to find out.

Rules and how to post:
1. We’ll open the session with a post on our page inviting you to ask questions in the comments.

2. Only queries answered between 9:00am - 12pm EST will be replied to.

3. Only one query (with as much information included as you like) can be replied to per person.

4. You must begin your query with the words: #findmypast. Queries without this will not be replied to and you will be asked to post again.

5. To post your query for the experts, you must choose to comment under the dedicated FindMyPast post.

6. Any queries made on posts or indirect messages will NOT be replied to by the experts and you will be asked to post again in the correct place.

7. If your query has been posted within the allotted time and has not been replied to, this will be noted and the experts will return over the following week to provide you with a reply.

How to post your query

Desktop and tablet posts:

· Once on the IC page, write your question in the comment section and click REPLY

· Responses will appear directly underneath the question, and your Facebook account will also receive a notification alerting you to the new activity/response.

Smartphone posts:

· Scroll down the page until you see the findmypast post and see REPLY. Click this.

· Tap the text area, enter your question, and tap ‘Reply’.

· You will receive a notification alert on your Facebook timeline when the question has been answered. Otherwise, you can keep an eye on your post on the IC page, and see it answered live.