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This June IrishCentral will focus on genealogy. Join us as we delve into the history of the families of Ireland to discover wonderful facts and secrets about the clans of the Emerald Isle.

Over the next few weeks the IrishCentral team will be uncovering some interesting information about the most popular Irish clan names and revealing weird and amazing facts about famous Irish people. We’ll also be showing you how you and your family can find out about your household history.

So to get the ball rolling, on Friday June 6, IrishCentral, along with our partners from FindMyPast, will be hosting a live Q&A session on our Facebook page from 9am until 12 noon (EST). We will have six genealogy experts on hand to answer all your burning questions about your heritage. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the origins of your family name or where your great-great-great grandfather twice removed hailed from, now is your chance to find out.

We’ll also be running a competition asking readers to submit their own genealogy stories and ancestral anecdotes that they have discovered from the Q&A session. The winners will have their stories featured on the IrishCentral website.

What good is a family tree, if you can't climb it right? So, make sure you watch this space over the coming weeks to unearth your family roots.