The Wearing of the Green is here but what about the Battle of the Ballot Box between Hillary and The Donald?

With a just little over four months until the Democratic and Republican parties nominate their presidential candidates and less than eight months until Election Day, the pressure is on for all eligible voters to start deciding which candidate would have their support in the run for president.

We want to  now which way Irish Americans are leaning. Will Donald Trump Hill or will Clinton ace Donald?

While a lot can still happen between now and July, based on the delegate totals in the primaries thus far, Donald Trump is leading the Republican pack and Hillary Clinton has the edge on Bernie Sanders in the much smaller Democratic playing field.

As IrishCentral’s Niall O’Dowd recently wrote, a Clinton v. Trump presidential race would likely be the fight of the century – one nobody really entertained as a serious possibility when Trump threw his hat in the ring last June.

“They may well be the most famous man and woman in the world at this stage, their battle would be the stuff of legend. It would be historic in so many ways, first woman, first non-politician to make it past the primaries for a major party, the first time since 1944 two New Yorkers competed against each other (Bernie Sanders from Brooklyn would fit the criteria too).”

So, IrishCentral wants to know – who will you vote for if it ends up being a Clinton v. Trump battle for the White House?

Tell us your early opinion by voting in the poll below and use the comment section to elaborate on your choice, whether it’s for Trump, Clinton, or neither candidate.