Once upon a time, President Trump slammed President Obama for warning about airstrikes and telegraphing troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

Then he sneered at Obama for announcing a time frame for getting out of Afghanistan.

Would never happen in his White House, he claimed.

Well Lordy, there is the president today informing his Syrian enemies that he’s ready to throw some missiles their way any day now.

Plenty of time to hide the nerve gas and for the Syrian commanders to run and hide.

And there’s the president dictating a certain date to get out of Syria, which of course was followed by the nerve gas attack.

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Now he's done a turnaround on Russia, warning Big Bad Putin that he’s coming to shut him up too.

How the Russian Bear must be enjoying this empty taunt and chaos. Never in his wildest dreams of disrupting the American election could he have hoped for a turnout like this.

Remember when the president mocked Obama about playing golf and how he’d be far too busy to do so as commander in chief?

Now there he is, merrily putt-puttering away every weekend now.

And there were the promises to hire the finest cabinet we had ever seen.

He’s on his third National Security Advisor, second Chief of Staff, second Secretary of State, second CIA head, second FBI head, second Secretary for Health, second Veterans Affairs leader and he desperately wants to fire his Attorney General, not to mention his deputy.

Carl Icahn, the man he kept praising and pointing to on the campaign trail was forced to quit his job because he was suspected of trading on inside information.

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Trump reminds me of a story a former CEO of a huge company told me.

His predecessor took to doing strange things, walking out of meals, abruptly losing his temper, coming to the office in golf gear talking in riddles.

The pack of would-be successors watched every move carefully, wondering what each unorthodox step meant and why was he was testing them this way.

My friend who got the job figured it out first. His boss had Alzheimer's.

I’m not saying Trump has it too, but if you seriously believe he has a strategy for anything then I suggest you are severely deluded.

That dog won’t hunt. The sad facts are that the job is far beyond Trump’s capabilities

And it’s America that will suffer.