It is the British accent of the depraved ISIS killer who beheads Irish American journalist James Wright Foley, somewhere in Iraq, that truly shocks.

This is not some Arab nomad with no history or education to call on other than an Islamic tome.

This is a man who grew up in a country that contributed much to civilization and knowledge from Shakespeare to Darwin, to Hawkings.

Yet, here is this British savage beheading a brave journalist, whose only crime was reporting the news, in pursuit of some hideous caliphate and world domination.

The murder more than justifies President Obama’s decision to bomb the militants.

The dreadful beheading by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) operative, who spoke with the perfect British accent, proves that desperation has set in for ISIS after they had ran amok in central Iraq and parts of Syria and Kurdish-held northern Iraq.

However, an aerial bombing campaign by the US has rocked them back on their heels forcing such desperate measures as beheading an innocent American in order to try and get Obama to stop.

He should not.

This is a group disowned by Al Qaeda, of all people, for being too bloodthirsty, which gives some idea of their viciousness

Foley was beheaded in a gruesome scene that makes you wonder if his killers have advanced beyond the Stone Age.

Probably not and, while there is lots of blame to go around in Iraq (who wouldn’t have Saddam Hussein back in a heartbeat now?), this group deserves particular odium.

When Iraqi special forces retook the key Mosul dam they found several women tied up and gang raped by the ISIS. Women and children also had been buried alive and thrown into mass graves.

“They put women and children under the ground. They were alive. I still hear their screams. They were trying to keep their heads up to keep breathing,” said car repairman Dawud Hassan (26).

These are fanatics of the worst kind who must be beaten back and made suffer the consequences of their murder, rape, and pillaging.

Now that Obama’s air war has them on the run even Pope Francis has given this action his imprimatur.

"In these cases, where there is an unjust aggression I can only say that it is legitimate to stop the unjust aggressor," the Pontiff told reporters on the plane back from South Korea.

Alas it is too late to save James Foley, missing since Thanksgiving 2012, who bravely died doing his job (he had earlier barely escaped death in Libya).

But the decision to bomb ISIS was the correct one given such savagery and murderous behavior.

And we all should ask ourselves how a man brought up in a civilized world resorts to such animalistic violence.

And how many more of these enemies exist within in Britain and in the US.

These are truly dangerous times.