Don't be surprised if a major topic of conversation in July at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia is a politician called Ryan from the midwest.

But it won’t be Paul Ryan the Speaker from Wisconsin, rather it will be Ohio’s own Tim Ryan who is widely being tipped as Hillary Clinton’s VP pick.

Described as “hugely charismatic” by Vox, Tim Ryan landed on the front page after an article in the Wall Street Journal tagged him as one of the finalists for Hillary Clinton’s VP candidate.

The six foot four broth of a boy is young, 42, but has been fourteen years in the House, where he has gained a reputation as a Congressman who gets things done.

Hillary turned to him in March to help deliver the vital state of Ohio against Bernie Sanders and Ryan took her to an Irish pub on the eve of St. Patrick's Day which proved a huge hit.

Other advantages include him being from a key state, but unlike Senator Sherrod Brown who would cost as vital Senate seat—as Republican governor John Kasich would appoint a GOP’er—there are no such issues with Ryan.

His youth is also a smart contrast to Clinton, who will be 69 if she steps into the White House. And need we once again make clear the importance of Ohio which is simply a must win for Republicans this fall?

At the local Irish pub in March, Ryan vowed the Irish vote would deliver for Hillary and it did. “Let’s just say the Irish will put her over the top!” Ryan shouted at one point as Hillary sipped a Guinness.

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" @HillaryClinton 's life work is her message" , said @TimRyan in Cleveland today

— Kathy DiCristofaro (@womenscaucus) June 17, 2016

At 42, Ryan, who is a dedicated meditation and mindfulness expert and has written books on the topic, is a very fast riser in Congress.

How fast? Politico reported that, “On the House side, sources close to the Clinton campaign on Capitol Hill say Ohio's Ryan ... could be poised to join a Clinton administration.

“I think Tim is a prospect either for vice president or certainly in the Cabinet if he were to desire it,” said one influential congressman.

Ryan has also begun to burnish his Irish credentials. He issued the Irish American proclamation in the House this St.Patrick’s Day.

"Nearly 44 million Americans celebrate Irish origins, and with good cause," said Congressman Ryan.

"From the earliest stages of our nation's history, Irish-Americans have toiled to contribute to many aspects of American life, including industry, agriculture, science, education and the arts. I'm pleased that my House colleagues voted to honor Irish-Americans and their contributions to our nation's heritage," he stated.

Hillary seems very impressed with the charismatic Ryan. Whether he makes it to the VP slot remains to be seen but he is definitely in the race.

Gotta say I like Congressman @TimRyan a lot. HRC wins Ohio, game over and Tim Ryan can help her win Ohio.

— Michael Skolnik (@MichaelSkolnik) June 17, 2016

Rep. @TimRyan: Democrats believe ordinary people can do extraordinary things #OHDEMS

— Ohio Dems (@OHDems) June 17, 2016