After the United Airlines debacle, the issue of airline practice and experience has come up across the world. As a seasoned Atlantic flyer traveling back and forth to Ireland and Britain for some 35 years on every major airline I have witnessed up close the most annoying things about passenger and airline behavior.

Here is my personal short list:

1. The guy or lady who reclines their seat in my face for the length of a six-hour flight. I know it’s legit, but it is extremely obtrusive and annoying and I’ve never done it.

2. The parent who thinks their noisy kids are so wonderful they should not be interrupted or told to calm down, no matter the noise level.

3. The pilot who won’t reassure passengers when you are going through bad turbulence, even just to say how long it will last.

4. The passenger who won't stop talking to you and you can't tell him/her to shut up on a six-hour flight.

5. The duty-free item cart that no one seems to buy from that trundles down the aisle just as you are trying to sleep

6. The passenger who snores, do you nudge or not nudge? Rule Of thumb, I’ll nudge a man but not a woman

7. The movie watcher who can’t stop laughing out loudly at 3 am. OK the movie might be funny, but we are trying to catch some shuteye here.

8. Airline toilets.

9. The smaller and smaller seat space on all airlines making you feel like a crushed tomato by the time you get off the plane.

10. Airline food – regardless of which airline.

11. The part about water landings in the pre-flight instructions as if you can land safely in the Atlantic or Pacific in pitch dark and emerge from the wreck and float to safety on your little lifejacket. Hey, look, you have a light and a whistle too!

What are your airline/flying pet peeves? Vent in the comment section.