11 Past the Hour comes out in April and Imelda May is looking forward to bringing her new music to adoring fans across the world. The Album features some of May’s closest friends including Ronnie Wood and Noel Gallagher.

“Lately I am feeling brilliant”, explains the smiling and relaxed Dubliner whose happy dog sits at her feet as we chat life and music on Zoom. The new album will be May’s sixth and it will be released on Decca Records.

When looking back at her incredible career spanning more than two decades, the humble singer-songwriter explains how she worked as a carer and in a restaurant with the aim of “only doing music” and is grateful that she is now “singing her own songs” not covers in a swing band.

“If you write an honest album it should reflect where you are at a moment in time”

I have an actual real life live gig!!!
It’s going to be a little
stripped-down intimate
‘evening with’ vibe previewing new songs from 11 Past the Hour and a few old favourites if you like.
See you on the 22nd Sept at @pryzmkingston. https://t.co/LWWYMDoJxu pic.twitter.com/L1iGEkldn2

— Imelda May (@ImeldaOfficial) March 18, 2021

On working with Ronnie Wood, May explains how the Rolling Stone is “part of her family” and encourages any music fans to watch the biopic documentary Somebody Up There Likes Me which shows why she was delighted to work with him on her new single Just One Kiss.

May also described the importance of American audiences and how her career has evolved on the other side of the pond, “When I started touring America, I had audiences of 50 people if I was lucky”. Her fanbase has grown as too her reputation but it’s her love of the culture and society that defined her journey into US hearts and minds, “I wanted to meet people rather than swoop in with a big tv show, I wanted to know the people”.

May highlights the key role that Irish American audiences also play and is looking forward to performing in North America when she can, “I really like the diversity there, some people started flying to every gig I had, I love the freedom of the madness, I will see you all soon”

In parting, May reminds her fans to always remember that Ireland as a country has “evolved”, echoing her career,

“You are trying to improve, trying to do better, learning, the more you do, the better you become, you refine it”

Maybe May’s best work is still yet to come? From a supportive family background steeped in music and theatre to releasing 6 albums and entertaining audiences around the world, it can be argued one of Ireland’s most talented musicians has creativity entwined in her DNA.

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