Would it have been different if Hillary was president during these mid-term elections?

I believe so, but we will never know.

The critical difference is that the Tea Party types could never have been able to paint her as an alien outsider whose birthplace was even in doubt.

The fact is that Obama came to office as one of the most unknown presidents of all time.

His political carer was remarkably short and the passionate tide that brought him to the White House meant there was little examination of his pre-national politics career.

Tea Party folk cleverly began filling in the gaps when he assumed power.

The notion that he was not born in Hawaii-- which many Americans barely believe is in the union anyway -- began the argument very cleverly that he was not a true American.

Then the onslaught on his 'socialist' policies began.

Rush Limbaugh began referring to him as' Imam Obama' further darkening his image as a socialist Muslim for God's sake.

Such nonsense would never have worked with Hillary.

Whatever else she and her husband are, every single aspect of their past lives have been dragged up and examined in great detail.

There would simply not have been any 'secrets' in her past to drag up.

Sure there would have been attacks. there is a lot of revisionism going on now that Republicans and Hillary actually liked each other.

No they didn't and the aggression on both sides would have been there.

But I don't think the Tea Parties would have been able to demonize Hillary in the same way. She is too well known.

And this mid term election might have turned out very differently.