The announcement that Notre Dame and Boston College will play their 2015 game in Fenway Park has ruined hopes that the game would end up in Ireland.

It is known that talks between the sides and Irish backers had been underway but obviously no agreement had been reached.

The Fenway Park location was a master stroke anyway, clearly knocking Ireland out of the box.

Now the question arises if it will be another opponent that plays the Irish in Dublin as there is clearly enormous goodwill for such a game.

If you study the 2015 and 2016 schedules just released there is only one game that has no confirmed location.

That is the Navy home game on November 5th 2016 which at the moment has no announced venue.

Obviously, as a Navy home game they get to decide and could play it anywhere in the world for that matter.

But Navy too had a tremendously positive reaction to their Dublin game last year and may be anxious to come again.

There is certainly a large base of support from Irish government on down for such a game. The incredible sight of 35,000 Americans in Ireland for the last game was a massive tourist boost.

Irish-based billionaire businessman and philanthropist Martin Naughton a Notre Dame director. played a huge role in the success of the last game and seems keen to help again.

With a bit of luck the Fighting Irish will be back in their home from home in relatively short order.