A nanny is wrongfully accused of killing a baby but thanks to superb defense work is proven innocent. A top NFL quarterback deflates his balls before a game.

Which seems more worthy of extensive coverage?!

That would be the story about Tom Brady's balls.

A judge ruled yesterday Brady’s four games suspension for deflating balls before NFL games would not stand.

The Iran nuclear pact got less scrutiny than the judge’s decision in Boston and elsewhere. I could not but compare it to the very ordinary coverage of the acquittal of Irish nanny Aisling Brady McCarthy, which has far more long term legal ramifications.

How Aisling Brady McCarthy endured her worst nightmare for three years http://t.co/XV9iMCF4Bl pic.twitter.com/LKH5Mt2h3K

— Independent.ie (@Independent_ie) September 3, 2015

By Thursday she was gone from the news.

You would have searched in vain in the Boston media for in depth analysis like what the Brady balls got about what the Aisling Brady McCarthy acquittal meant in an area of medicine and law clearly little understood.

But for Aisling’s attorney I have no doubt that she would be behind bars forever, reviled as a baby killer.

Until they fought for the flawed autopsy to be overcome and a new one ordered, which showed that poor little Rehma Sabir suffered from a rare blood disease that caused her bleeding, their client was undergoing the equivalent of a Salem witch trial.

With the honorable exception of the Boston Herald the Boston and US media seemingly had her down as the nanny from hell.

Gelzinis: Nanny cleared of baby’s death: ‘Nightmare’ over #Boston #Cambridge https://t.co/uBOrr9U2yf pic.twitter.com/9BRAT2X847

— Boston Herald (@bostonherald) September 2, 2015
This was a view spread by an unscrupulous prosecution hell bent on conviction and to hell with the facts.

Why the lack of coverage and insight?

Well this is where Tom Brady's balls come in.

The most charismatic athlete in sport had a problem about whether he under inflated game balls in order to get a better grip.

He was suspended four games now over ruled.

And Boston acted like it was Hurricane Katrina at their throat latch when the original punishment was announced.

Reading the coverage of the nanny and the Brady case is like watching a stream and a tsunami.

Yet the nanny case was a far more profound moment when the typical finding in such cases was completely overturned with huge implications for future cases when such new type of evidence must be considered.

As for Irish American Tom Brady and his deflated balls probe it proves that like Donald Trump celebrity trumps substance.

The suit that helped Tom Brady beat Deflategate: http://t.co/lUm4nNcupH pic.twitter.com/vKI6yKGYdS

— Esquire Magazine (@esquire) September 4, 2015
A young innocent girl almost ended up in jail for life.

Tom Brady will get his job and balls back and the media acted like Armageddon was just avoided.

The media has proven once again just how much integrity they have lost with their endless pursuit of celebrity. Deflated balls hardly match up to a dreadful miscarriage of justice just avoided.

Alas, now this is the world we live in, a cast of characters in a Kardashian farce.