It is Valentine's Day, and everyone seems to be determined to find Susan Boyle a man. The British tabloids have been full of profiles of eligible men, not to mention the US equivalents.

To which I say: If Susan Boyle was a man, would there be anything like this attention paid to her single status?

You know the answer to that -- of course not. There is a double standard. She is one of a kind, a true superstar who has made it without much need of help from man or beast to the very top.
Her fans embrace her true talent. They are not interested in who she is dating, or how her personal life is shaping up.

We hear enough of that from every two-bit celebrity ready to spill all.

I saw a horrific one the other day when one of those dreadful Kardashian women talked about how she was sampling her own breast milk. PUHLEEZE.

In contrast, Susan Boyle has been a true warrior, a person who has not descended to the levels of the tabloid tell-all.

So this Valentine's Day, I have a message for Susan: Keep doing what you are doing and don't let the speculation get in the way of your priceless gift -- that stellar voice that transported so many fans to heaven and back again.

That's your true gift to the world this Valentine's Day.