I have to disagree with my fellow columnist Patrick Roberts when he says that Sarah Palin could never be president because of her family problems and 24-hour media gossip coverage.

Sure, as Roberts pointed out, Palin's Irish American mother filled her full of family values and her own kids do not seem to be learning the lesson.

But let's face it the Kennedy kids did not exactly listen to mother Rose Kennedy and they did pretty well despite that.

Indeed, there is nothing in Sarah Palin's family past that even remotely compares to some of the activities of the Kennedys at their height.

We all know human being are flawed and we put up this semi comical mask of really pretending to be shocked when famous kids step out of line.

Rudy Giuliani's daughter is just the latest to step in doo doo, after being caught shoplifting in New York.

Would it make me not vote for Rudy if I was inclined to?

No. I'm not electing Father of the Year here, but a politician.

Likewise with Palin , people will move on quickly form her family travails and judge her on her political talent which is clearly considerable given her rise from obscurity to the center of American dialogue.

She also has what very few American politicians enjoy -- an incredibly committed band of loyal supporters from coast to coast.

At a time when Americans are dangerously switched off politicians Palin adds an enthusiasm that could very well translate into a huge vote-getting capability.

She has already proved with her endorsements that she plays a major role with the Republican rank and file.

If the economy starts tanking again as some predict, a candidate like Palin with a clear message and solid following could start to do very well indeed.

As I have said here before I would not rule this woman out for anything.

Sorry, Patrick.