Making great ratings for Fox Irish American host Megyn Kelly

As a registered Democrat I decided to drop in on Megyn Kelly on Fox News the other night, intrigued by the huge ratings she is drawing and the fact that she managed to displace Sean Hannity from his prime time slot.

Maybe there would be a new Fox News type anchor I thought, less shrill, more open to constructive debate, more watchable.

I dislike Hannity’s shrillness and much prefer Bill O’Reilly who is far more nuanced in his opinions, does not take himself as seriously and has a show I can actually watch.

I am also influenced by interviewing and meeting O’Reilly on several occasions and quite liking the off-screen persona.

I don’t want one-sided dialogue, which is why I don’t watch lefty Rachel Maddox with her interminable ego trips on the left or Hannity sitting in the lap of every Tea Partier on the right asking why they are so wonderful.

So I approached the Megyn Kelly phenomenon with great interest.

Unknown to itself, Fox News is serving as an affirmative hiring Mecca for Irish Americans with Van Sustern (100 per cent Irish and proud on her mother’s Conway side) O’Reilly, now Kelly and then Hannity as their nightly line up.

Oh Megyn was I disappointed! First up was Duncan Hunter a congressman from California calling for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, a moderate Republican, to resign over some non-existent slight to veterans.

Next up was a 350 pound guy with a massive American flag sweater plastered to him like a fly to flypaper shouting about bringing 50 trucks to Washington this weekend to shut down the government by blocking the highways. (I thought the government was already closed).

His reason? Because the government was out of control.

Megyn was right on with both of them, encouraging and asking puffball questions, clearly praising their mad right efforts. Even Ed Farnan my conservative fellow columnist here at Irish Central would have found that too much (I think).

After which I said to myself “Bring back Hannity, at least he doesn’t have a frozen smirk plastered on his face and a helmet of bottle blond hair plastered to his skull that makes him look like Newt Gingrich’s wife.”

Not does he have a son or daughter (not sure which) called Thatcher after the Iron Lady.

So Megyn dear, you are not for me. I’ll continue to watch O’Reilly and Anderson Cooper who trumps the lot.

I’ll even watch Piers Morgan who has gotten better lately. As for you? I’ll bet folks will be singing “Has anyone here seen Kelly” in a few months if your show continues on its current vein.