British performer Ray Davies of the Kinks once sang back in 1970--yes there were transgender people back then--a song called Lola about a transgender woman called Lola.

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls

It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world 

Except for Lola

Supposing a woman like Lola showed up in your male restroom to take a pee?

Or imagine a hairy chested man strolling into the ladies and relieving himself in a stall.

No doubt Ted Cruz and others would head for the ramparts and cry murder with every fibre of their being about this abomination.

But wait--- that is what Cruz and company are asking us to accept.

By insisting a person go to the bathroom they were born to go to they have made it much more likely that violence will happen in restrooms. 

Soon under Cruz, we may need genital police in every public bathroom where you can strip down to your underwear and show your vitals before you go.

I don’t know any transgendered people but gay friends tell me they are deeply vulnerable human beings, born through no fault of their own with a confused gender identity. Suicide rates are very high as well as violence and discrimination.

It happens. There have been several top female athletes who test positive for more testosterone than estrogen. Caster Semenya the legendary South African 800 meter world champion was found to have female genitals but three times the permitted amount of testosterone occurring naturally in her body. Several members of her tribe had the same condition. 

This male/female thing is a lot more complicated for some people. Both men and women produce testosterone and yes, guys produce estrogen and progesterone. Sometimes the balance does not quite work out correctly.

It may happen to you guys. As men age their testosterone lessens and their estrogen level rises which leads to those saggy breasts older men sometime display. Men can also be susceptible to breast cancer.

Often times the hormonal balance in a person is off and though born one sex, the person soon gravitates to the other sex.

It’s a messy old world and men who have too much female hormones feel like women, fall in love with other men and the same in reverse with women.

These transgendered individuals think of themselves in every respect as a woman or a man despite being raised as the opposite. Many are beautiful and fully capable of passing off as women or handsome men.

These males who have become females are the folks the Governor of North Carolina and Ted Cruz want to force into men's bathrooms. There are burly macho women too, now men, who the same folks want to direct into women’s bathrooms. 

It really would be something to discuss if there was a plethora of cases of some kind of abuse of this reality.

But as a wonderful South Carolina sheriff told the New York Times in 41 years he had never seen one incident.

As the New York Times editorial noted: “Leon Lott, the sheriff of Richland County in South Carolina, told state lawmakers last week that the law would be unenforceable because his officers could not be in the business of inspecting people’s genitals.”

“In the 41 years I have been in law enforcement in South Carolina, I have never heard of a transgender person attacking or otherwise bothering someone in a restroom,” Sheriff Lott wrote in a letter to the committee studying the state’s bathroom bill. “This is a non-issue.”

That had not stopped the creatures of the right from imposing an insane provision in the North Carolina law that puts transgender people, women especially, in harm's way if they are forced to use the men's room as Cruz wants.

It is hilarious to watch Cruz rattle on about this issue and in the next breath talk about uniting Americans. It’s Ted Talk from Wonderland time where words mean exactly what he wants them to mean.

Donald Trump, to his credit, stated that a transgender person should use the bathroom they feel most comfortable in.

I agree with the Donald and you won't hear me say that too often. It's a reality folks. It takes all kinds in this messy, mixed up world. Look at super macho man and Olympic hero Bruce Jenner who became a woman.

Maybe Cruz and the deeply devout right wingers in North Carolina might like to listen to Lola to grasp the meaning of transgender ---and show some Christian understanding after.