It all depends on your point of view.

Below is the largest Muslim periodical in Ireland's take on the recent bomb outside a police station in Northern Ireland by IRA dissidents. MUPAC, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee newspaper, reported it thus. This is not ironically reported by the way.

"Fanatical, fundamentalist Roman Catholic terrorists were responsible for a car bomb outside a court house in Newry, Northern Ireland, in an apparent resurgence of 'Christianist' violence.

"These Holy Warriors, reportedly operating in the name of Jesus and representative of the beliefs of many millions of Catholics around the world, sought to wreak havoc and mayhem by positioning the explosive device close to nightclubs and shopping centres, with no apparent concern for women or children who may have been in vicinity. These Catholics have no wish to participate in the mainstream political process.

"If you see any Christians acting suspiciously, especially those dressed as nuns or 'men-of-the-cloth,' don’t hesitate to contact the police immediately and let the authorities decide whether or not they pose a threat. The Pope is yet to comment on this disgraceful incident. His silence speaks volumes."