Will Vicki Kennedy run for her late husband's seat after all now that she has moved back to Massachusetts?

My guess is she will. Kennedy family sources confirm this.

The Boston Herald revealed last week that Kennedy is moving into a penthouse overlooking Commonwealth Avenue after selling her Washington D.C. home.

Scott Brown is up for re-election in 2012 and Vicki has still not got over the fact that Teddy’s seat went to a Republican.

If she enters the race she would immediately eclipse all other candidates and would be a very strong contender against Brown who ha lost some of the sheen that accompanied his upset victory.

She would also have no problem raising money, tapping into her late husband’s amazing network which is still intact. That network did not come out for Martha Coakley but they would come out for Vicki.

As a New Orleans native it might have been just as easy for her to move back to the Big Easy.

But her move to Boston clearly sends a signal that there may well be a political future ahead .

Vicki will be guiding construction of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute.But it is interesting that she will be the keynote speaker for the Action for Boston Community Development gala dinner on Oct. 29 - a key event for would be office holders.

Watch this space.