Whether or not Van Morrison has fathered a baby with Gigi Lee his reputation is still stellar.

I met him once. I was in a Belfast hotel near where critical talks on the Northern Irish peace process were going on in 2002 . I saw a man sitting in the restaurant as I was being seated and thought he looked an awful lot like Van Morrison. Of course it was him and it took me back to a magical day in 1995 when President Clinton visited Belfast.
Van the Man was there to blast out his magical anthem 'There'll be Days Like This' when Clinton stepped onto the stage at the Belfast City Hall in what he later described as one of the greatest days of his presidency.
For miles around over 500,000 people Catholic and Protestants cheered his name to the echo.
Van's song was just right for the occasion and it was the beginning of a wonderful day.
As a result I'll always associate Van Morrison with that amazing day for peace in Ireland.