Just days after beguiling the Irish as one of their own Barack Obama has fessed up that he is British!

The heartbreaking words were delivered during his toast to the queen in England on Tuesday. (it is not on this clip but the clip is fun to watch anyway!)

Here is what he said;

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Your Majesty, thank you for your extraordinarily generous remarks, for the invitation you extended for our first state visit in Europe, and for the warm friendship that you've shown both Michelle and myself on both of our visits to Buckingham Palace.

I bring warm greetings from tens of millions of Americans who claim BRITISH ancestry, including me, through my mother's family. ...

Oh well, O'Bama we hardly knew ya. The British were always going to try and take you off us like they did everything else for 800 years --sigh.

We thought you might avoid calling yourself British seeing as they tortured your grandfather, a Kenyan freedom fighter during the Mau Mau insurrection.

But I guess it got too much surrounded by Her Majesty and all that British pomp and Gilbert and Sullivan regalia.

It is only a matter of time before they ask you to become a knight.

'Arise Sir Barack!