We all have our Susan Boyle favorite moments from 2009, the year she streaked like a comet across our skies. Love to hear from you about yours. Here are mine:

1. The very first time… when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and the amazed reactions of everyone when she began to sing.

2. Her appearance at Rockefeller Center when her album debuted and she went to join her fans afterwards at the nearby restaurant. Her adoring fans could not get enough.

3. Hearing her sing “Wild Horses” for the first time, a song I would never have thought she should have chosen and realizing she really has an incredible voice.

4. Her first interview with Meredith Viera on NBC, where this cheeky, funny and very capable lady put a lie to all the tabloid tattle.

5. When the word came that she had smashed all British and American records for a new release.

6. When she was named Woman of the Year by Matt Lauer on NBC.

7. When she refused to respond to jibes by former "friends" Amanda Holden and Sharon Osbourne.

8. When I went on a New Zealand radio station discussing Susan and suddenly realized the world wide impact she had.

9. Listening to “How Great Thou Art” first time I got the record.

10. Reading the dumbfounded response of the British tabloids as Susan’s fame and support worldwide became apparent, after they had written her off as a one-night-wonder.