You would think the Irish would be daily taking to the street to vent their anger at political leaders there, given all that has gone wrong.

Strangely, there is hardly a peep.

However, when it came to Tony Blair's visit to Dublin to launch his book, the protestati showed up in large numbers to make their mark.

Among them according to The Guardian newspaper were supporters of dissident IRA groups and Iraq war protestors.

They won world headlines throwing eggs and shoes and insults at Blair but in the process mocked a man who has done so much for Ireland.

The fact that there is peace in Northern Ireland would never have happened without Tony Blair.

Like no other British Prime Minster since Gladstone he made peace in Ireland a top priority and stood by his peace partners through thick and thin.

There are scores, maybe hundreds walking around alive today in Northern Ireland because of the work of Tony Blair and a handful of others.

His reward it seems is to be attacked in Dublin, especially by elements of the dissidents who would much rather the killings were continued as they chase their Utopian dream of driving Protestants and British out of Northern Ireland.

In his book Blair writes about how he overcame his prejudices and became a partner for peace with Sinn Fein and fast friends with Sinn Fein leaders Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams.

He also issued an eloquent apology for the Famine.

That was an amazing accomplishment for a British leader, one that marks him down in the history books for ever.

His reward yesterday was a back of the hand from many of the same people who want no peace in Ireland.

They do not speak for the Irish I am certain, and they disgrace our name with their antics.

Tony Blair should be made very welcome wherever green is worn.