Read more: Northern Irish policeman murdered in dissident bomb attack in Omagh
The cowards who planted a bomb under the car of policeman Ronan Kerr in Northern Ireland have disgraced the Irish race.

But the killing has also created a moment when the entire community in Ireland, north and south can finally send the message that the days of these callous killers is over for ever

It is time too for Irish America to stand up and say in the clearest possible terms, they have no support in America, they do not kill in our name.

No question that there are Irish Catholic members of the Dissident IRA today who are somehow proud of how they killed another Irish Catholic, all in the name of Irish nationalism.

Anyone who knows these homicidal maniacs should turn them in to police immediately.

The cowardly act deprived a widowed mother of a beloved son on Ireland's mother's day and left an entire community on all sides in Northern Ireland grieving.

Of all the condemnations the one by the The Tyrone GAA and the Ulster Council of the GAA standout.

During The Troubles they never spoke out when a policeman was killed, knowing the majority of their members considered the police a sectarian force intent on keeping nationalists down.

That is no longer the case since the police service was reformed and 50/50 recruitment commenced.

In the new era of the peace process the fact that those two groups came out firing against the killers, calling it a crime against humanity, is deeply significant.

There is not a townland or parish in nationalist Tyrone where the GAA does not hold vital sway. The words their leaders have now uttered are welcome and heartening

There is a chance at a just society in Northern Ireland. Power sharing is in place between both sides, there is a police force that is creating a new reality of cross community representation.

Yet there are those killers who believe that blowing up a 25-year-old recent recruit somehow puts them back in the game and will increase the chances of a peace process breakdown.

They are wrong and they need only listen to the words of the mother of the dead man.

In her hour of darkness she has delivered an eloquent tribute to her dead son and delivered a stunning blow to those who falsely believe they are somehow speaking for Irish people.

The grieving mother Nuala Kerr said : 'this is at a time when we are striving for a neutral police force for the good of our country and I urge all Catholic members not to be deterred by this. We all need to stand up and be counted and to strive for equality.'

Nuala Kerr continued 'we do not want to go back into the dark days again of fear and terror. We were so proud of Ronan and all that he stood for. Do not let his death be in vain.'

'He was a wonderful son and brother, always had a smile and a helping hand for everyone. He had all the attributes of a great police officer - fair, empathetic, intelligent, humorous, a great communicator and loyal to all who knew him. And he just loved his work.'

Nuala Kerr said 'I would like to appeal to the wider public for any information, no matter how small about this callous crime. Someone knows something. Would you please come forward and do the right thing so that justice can be done.'

Someone knows something indeed, let them come forward and deliver the final blow to those thugs and terrorists who seek to usurp the will of the people in Northern Ireland.

It is time for them to stand up and be counted.

Read more: Northern Irish policeman murdered in dissident bomb attack in Omagh