London: It is time for a daytime flight from the US to Ireland.

I am more convinced than ever after this trip to London.

I boarded a British Airways plane at 8.30 in New York on Wednesday morning and arrived here in London at 8 p.m local time.

I had time to have dinner, meet a friend and get a full night's sleep and woke this morning feeling refreshed and ready for the world.

Usually when I am flying to Ireland and I have to fly overnight and end up feeling bedraggled and worse for wear for at least a couple of days.
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At least I don't have to go through what many families have to do, sitting around hotel lobbies, sometimes with young kids, waiting for the room check-in time which can often be around 2.p.m.

The flights mostly arrive in around 6.a.m so the hapless family may be at least five or six hours waiting around.

There is no good reason in the world why day-time flights to Ireland cannot happen.

I have heard every argument from crew rosters to plane positioning to hotel rosters but the truth is that the consumer is being overlooked here.

I also think it would do wonders for travel to Ireland with people arriving at a much more civilized hour and getting access to hotel rooms right away.

It is the kind of issue that gets raised every few years but little gets done.

Ye,t at a time when tourism has become a huge factor in the recovery of the Irish economy, it is worth revisiting again

It is so obvious that it would help numbers coming to Ireland immediately.

Whatever airline tries it will benefit greatly I believe

I am certainly all for it -- what do you think?