Rich Men: The IMF and European Union heavyweights are now in Dublin preparing to bail out the Irish economy.

The Irish taxpayers will be waiting anxiously to see what crumbs fall from the rich men's tables to help get them through the next decade or so.

Poor Men; The Irish taxpayers will be paying for this for the next thirty years or so.

An entire younger generation will be saddled with huge debt repayments that they never did anything to earn.

The splurge of the past decade has become the great bloodletting of this one as the Irish try to bind up the self inflicted wounds.

Beggermen: The Irish government who made such fundamental miscalculations as to the scope and extent of the problem from the start.

Not only that,surely sometime with the past half decade they must have had an inkling that the property boom in particular was going to bust in spectacular fashion.

If so they never acted on it

Now Ireland is the beggar man of Europe, cap in hand to the IMF and the European Union.

Despite protesting (see video above) that they needed a bailout to begin with

Thief; The Irish banks have fleeced the Irish nation in the most vicious manner. They threw a decade-long party then slipped out the door when the bill became due.

Now it appears they were lying to NAMA, the agency set up to calculate their losses. the newspapers are reporting that they deliberately overstated their losses so they could benefit more from taxpayers funds.