Posted by Niall O'Dowd at 7/1/2009 5:20 AM EDT

Susan Boyle made it to Dublin yesterday to rapturous applause for a 10-minute gig that left everyone happy and content.

After a "will she? won't she?" drama that lasted for days the fat and frumpy lady sang.

Amazing is it not ?

A middle-aged lady proved she could sing -- a fact that brought 200 million viewers to the You Tube video of the first time she did it.

Are we mad?

Not at all -- just human.

The great and the good have certainly begun weighing in.

The Guardian reported yesterday that arguably the most important man in the world - Google chief executive Eric Schmidt - decided he had to fly to London to meet top executives of the television station that first showed Susan Boyle on "Britain's Got Talent."

As The Guardian reported, Lord Grade the executive said: "Over 200 million hits on YouTube had Eric Schmidt, the computer scientist who founded Google, calling to see if he could possibly come over to get a meeting with me in my office. Thank you, Susan."

One wonders just how many people on earth would get a call from the Google founder requesting a meeting. Most of the time we are all pale captives to the sheer might and power of the world's greatest media machine,

Thank you Susan too from the Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and Daily Express, the British red tops who have seen their circulation grow month on month for the first time in years.

Thank you Susan too from embattled British Prime Minister Gordown Brown who told The Guardian in a newspaper interview that he tried to don his new populist persona first when he called Simon Cowell to inquire how SuBo was after her collapse. Susan a fix for faltering Prime Ministers? I can see Irish leader Brian Cowen barking 'Get me Subo"

The New York Times even had a long piece this week dissecting her incredible fame. They concluded after much verbiage that it was because the song 'Memories' is a sad one, ultimately about failure, a wistful air that somehow brings out great emotion in us.

I think the beauty of this phenomenon is that no one can quite explain it, not the founder of Google, the red tops, the New York Times. Madison Avenue Perez Hilton TMZ or anyone else.

Someone has broken though the star and the myth making in the most unlikely way and all of us ordinary folk are willing her on. You go SuBo and keep' em confused. Ordinary folk get it. You send them home sweating and begging for more last night in Dublin -- long may it continue.