Ted Kennedy's remarkable career continues and not even brain cancer can stop the juggernaut it seems.

The announcement today that Kennedy is coming back to the senate after Memorial Day and that his cancer is in remission is just the latest in a career full of extraordinary comebacks.

His near fatal plane crash in 1964 did not deter him from a life of public service. The awful tragedy of Chappaquiddick certainly could have derailed his career, but somehow he outlasted it.

It is a family trait of course. Brother Jack was , by any measurement, an ill man when he won the White House. He suffered from Addison's Disease as well as back pain that was so severe he could barely stand at times.

The Kennedys come from tough Wexford farming stock however, and have learnt to take the punches as well as deliver them.

Opponents of health care reform may need a valium prescription tonight. They will sleep a lot less easily from now on, knowing teddy is back on the beat.

He will seek to fulfill his lifetime dream by passing comprehensive health care reform in the next few months. Give this latest episode on his life, where he has once again overcome superhuman odds who can stop him now?