After writing about the Heathrow Airport incident involving Susan Boyle yesterday, I have been inundated with requests from fans to tell the real truth about the incident.

Well, here it is from a devoted Susan Boyle fan, who has been able to get a report from an actual passenger who witnessed it all.

She writes; "Niall, we received this comment from a BA passenger who was present during the "incident" at the airport: Here is what actually happened...

Someone said they'd like to see Susan sing live. She jumped up and said "okay" and started singing. A bunch of people started singing with her. They were all, including Susan, laughing. Some arrogant SOB said something to Susan, she told him she could sing if she wanted (in no uncertain terms), and yes, grabbed the mop and started putting on a show - standing in front of the person who complained. She clearly did it to get it his face, since he was apparently quite rude. She then said "Oh, excuse me, sir, let me shine your shoes, told everyone what she thought of them and dusted his shoes with the mop.

The BA passenger complained to security, who then sat her down and sat there until she left for her flight, when she told everyone in the corridor that she'd escaped, and "there's a serious lack of funny bones around here."

That's very much Susan Boyle. Exactly who she is. She's quirky, unusual and has a huge, very Scottish, sense of humor. There are quite a few people who don't get it. I really think she doesn't care one bit if they do.

Isn't it nice how the British newspaper the Sun twisted it?"

So all this didn't happen because Susan "couldn't cope" or because she was "boiling over." She was just plain angry! Susan has had enough bullying and rudeness over the years, and she's not going to take it anymore. I don't blame her one bit!

Just thought you'd like to know what really happened from an eyewitness.

There you have it, folks. This person has a great source and I fully believe their account.