Back in 1984 in San Francisco I bought my first Macintosh.

It changed my life.

I am typing this on a Mac and have never used anything else.

To do so would be traitorous.

The Mac got me day one.

With IBM computers at the time you had to type in codes.

With Mac you just typed.

As a computer cretin I could not have been happier.

When I moved to New York my Mac came with me in my car.

When I flew to Ireland to finish my first book the Mac came with me, long before the age of laptops.

It was my old and dear friend.

All these years and five company start-ups later I still love my Mac.

Which is why I am so sad that Steve Jobs died.

He was a genius, a wonderful American genius,

He embodied everything that was great about this country.

He was innovative, futuristic, talented and above all a visionary.

He changed the world for the better and we have lost a great one,

He will rank up there with Edison and company when the history books are written.

And he will be so sorely missed.

Thank you Steve for helping this luddite enter the modern world and I will be grateful always.

Farewell Steve.