Did Melania Trump blatantly break the law by arranging a bogus marriage to get a green card in 2001?

If she did, she and her husband Donald are the greatest hypocrites since Newt Gingrich impeached Bill Clinton despite carrying on a secret affair himself. 

While the pair were railing against illegal immigrants, including about 50,000 Irish, was she one herself who broke the law?

Melania Trump was definitely married before she met Trump  -- that is what Michael Wildes, a top immigration attorney who worked for the Trump Organization, told Univision's investigative unit. He stated that she married Donald Trump in 2005 but had obtained a green card four years earlier in 2001, “based on marriage.”

If so, she clearly broke the law by having a bogus marriage simply for the green card which allowed her to stay in America. If so, who was this secret husband? When were they divorced?

Who is Michael Wildes, the immigration attorney making this new charge? He is a former federal prosecutor and Democratic mayor of Englewood, New Jersey. He also worked for the Trump organization.

Wildes certainly has an intriguing client list including many superstar models; Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady’s wife, is one. His father got John Lennon his green card in what was considered a very difficult case.

Here is what Wides told Univision in a phone interview recorded by the channel:

Wildes said he acted “on behalf of Trump models” and handled legal work to obtain visas and green cards for Miss Universe when Trump owned the pageant.

He told Univision that he had been authorized by the Trump Organization “to speak on the matters concerning Melania.”

He said he could not comment on how Melania Trump became a U.S. permanent resident.

“Ms. Trump received citizenship in 2006 and prior to that she had a green card based on marriage,” he said in a recorded interview by phone. “Before that, she had a work visa and was in full compliance on her visas and never disrespected any of them. That has been made clear to me.” Melania Trump has said she came to the United States on a legal visa in 1996, got a green card in 2001 and then became a U.S. citizen in 2006.

Melania and Donald Trump were not married until Jan. 22, 2005 at Bethesda-by-the Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida. She has stated that was her only marriage. Wildes has now contradicted her.

Let's go back to the start. Melanie it seems had a tourist B1 or B2 visa which is also a temporary business visa when she first came here which did not entitle her to work but did entitle her to stay for up to six months at a time and sort out employment opportunities.

That explains her story that she went back and forth to keep renewing that visa. It seems very likely she worked for pay sometime between 1996 and 2001 thereby breaking the visa rules as she never changed her status.

More serious however is how did she get the green card in 2001? Wildes says it was by marriage. Yet she told Anderson Cooper her marriage to Donald Trump was her first in 2005. Who did she marry in 2001 if Wides is correct and there seems no reason why he would make it up as a respected attorney and former prosecutor?

This seems to be leading to a negative conclusion for Melania and a huge blow to Trump if it does.

For the past year he has been screaming his head off about undocumented immigrants and those who break the system, calling them murderers, rapists, etc.

What if he was sleeping with the enemy and Melania was one of them, that dreadful horde he castigates and calls out every day?

Nothing in this screwy campaign should surprise us at this point, but I am prepared to be shocked once again.