Sinead O'Connor (Credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images)

Why do I think that someday soon we will be reading about the further mental problems of Sinead O'Connor?

She's a woman who admitted to trying to commit suicide on her 33rd birthday and to being bi-polar.

Her latest escape, getting married for the fourth time and divorced 16 days later, is surely a sign of a mental instability that is only getting worse.

While she is fair game for the media and actively encourages the coverage, particularly through her blog, you have to wonder, at one point the train wreck becomes evident even to the worst tabloid reporter?

Like Lindsay Lohan, Sinead O'Connor is a disturbed woman who needs psychiatric care, not more headlines. She is beginning to resemble Charlie Sheen with his very public breakdown.

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She has often talked about the horrific abuse she sustained as a child from her own mother, and there is no question she had a very sad upbringing.

There is no questioning her talent and her beautiful voice, which may yet win an Oscar next year for her song from the movie Albert Nobbs.

But it has been clear from some time that Sinead, far from getting more settled and together in her later years, may well be getting worse.

While the headlines keep coming, she no doubt will continue to make them, and like all performers she's best before a live audience.

But her latest problems can be viewed as another cloud in a darkening landscape.

Sinead O'Connor is not well. That much is clearly evident. She needs medical, not media attention.

Hopefully those closest to her can convince her to go seek it. Otherwise, this could all turn out badly for her.