An Irish American who stamped shamrocks on the Staten Island ferry to celebrate St. Patrick's Day was suspended for 16 days for the "infraction."

If this isn't bureaucracy gone mad, I don't know what is.

Jared Largo, a half-Irish Brooklynite, wanted to help spread some St. Patrick's Day goodwill and stamped the shamrocks all over the wheelhouse, fully intending to remove them after St. Patrick's Day. He is a mate on the ferry and often steers it.

"I looked at it as the same thing as Christmas decorations," he said.

Not so his bosses.

They said they watched him on video stamp the shamrocks and ordered him to face the consequences.

Clearly these supervisors have as little to do as most supervisors have.

Suddenly Jared found himself before a Department of Transportation judge.

On the morning of his court date, The New York Times reported he grabbed a hunter green pair of shoes, thinking they were black.

"The judge was like, 'What, you think you’re funny, wearing green shoes here?'" he said.

He sentenced him to 16 days of unpaid suspension.

I have an idea for this judge. Let's hang a plank off the next Staten Island Ferry and have him walk it.

When he gets to the edge, let him recite 100 times "I am a stupid judge with very little to do with my life if I think putting shamrocks on the Staten Island Ferry is worth a judicial hearing."

As for Jared, he said his phone had been "ringing off the hook" with St. Patrick’s Day invitations. He will have the day off, so he is going to the parade and will sit in the stands.

"I was thinking of renting a green tux," he said.