As we have often stated in these columns, Sarah Palin is consistently underrated by Republicans, Democrats and media alike as a possible contender for the White House.

Now with the Republican field imploding in the past few weeks, suddenly Palin is back in the limelight again.

Truth is she has never given up her ambition.

She looks at this Republican field and sees huge weaknesses, from Mitt Romney's flip flops to Newt Gingrich's womanizing to Tim Pawlenty's lack of charisma.

Sure she ceded the stage to Donald Trump's ill-fated run, but it was always clear that Trump would eventually slink away once he had milked it enough.

Now Sarah comes swanning back into the limelight and no one has a hold on the Tea Party and Conservative wing like she has.

She has now moved to Arizona, a clever move in the circumstances which places her in the heart of the Republican belt.

She is running all right and has the backing and support others can only dream of.

She would easily win Iowa with its massive evangelical base if it was voted on tomorrow.

With that under her belt she automatically becomes favorite in new Hampshire.

If she could knock Romney off there the path to the nomination is clear.

We all thought Hillary would be the first major woman candidate for president nominated by her party.

We have to adjust out bifocals folks, here comes Sarah and she is running hard.

Good for her.