When it comes to political endorsements give me Bill Clinton over Sarah Palin any day.

Yes I know the media is trumpeting Palin as the new Moses who will lead all candidates she supports to the promised land.

She won three out of four races on Tuesday night but in the process, may have made it more difficult for those candidates to win in a general election.

While a Palin endorsement is gold in a Republican primary, especially where Teabaggers are concerned, that same endorsement can be turned into clay by a Democratic opponent.

That is because Sarah Palin is a polarizing figure who does not help draw any middle of the road votes, but merely reinforces a tea party hardline vote.

That can work, but already you can see that Palin's endorsement of Carly Fiorina in California will be used against her by Democrat Barbra Boxer in the general election.

So while Fox News were proclaiming 'you betcha' when asking if Palin's endorsement worked, the jury will still be out to see if she can help deliver office, especially in the California senate race.

Bill Clinton on the other hand needs no introduction at all.

His endorsement of Blanche Lincoln in the Arkansas senate race was the margin of victory for her.

She ran from the right and Clinton helped her overcome a huge move by Labor unions to muscle her out of power.

Clinton works in general elections too.

He recently was a key figure in ensuring that Mark Critz held on to Congressman John Murtha's seat in Pennsylvania when he campaigned there for him throughout the last weekend.

In an ironic twist, candidates are calling Clinton to come rally for them while Obama is being left home in the White House.

That will happen again next week when Clinton takes a plane to Nevada to stump for Senator Harry Reid who is in the battle of his life to get re-elected.

Bill Clinton may be more popular than ever -- the debacle around his wife's campaign now long behind him.

He is still the uber political meister, a man whose impact can never be underestimated.

People now remember the Clinton years with low deficits and low unemployment with nostalgia as the good old days.

Clinton is a proven asset.

Sarah Palin has yet to reach that stratosphere in a general election battle.

Right now the Big Dog is still the beast to ride .