CNN anchor Rick Sanchez could not have expected that his book 'Conventional Idiocy' could serve as a description of himself after he lost his job because of anti-Semitic remarks on a radio show.

Rick, a Cuban Hispanic with an annoying bombastic style, said that Jews run CNN and many news media outlets and considers this somehow threatening to him.

He clearly freaked because Jon Stewart has been poking fun at him -- not because he is Hispanic but because his show, is quite frankly, hard to take, as he is clearly filled with his own self-importance.

The Jewish media control comment is a common one. It is one you will hear many times in my profession, that Jews control the media therefore the world.

Funny I haven't seen a Jewish president lately or Prime Minister of a major country either..

It so happens most of the doctors I have seen in recent years have been Jewish too -- and I'm not going to chalk that up to a conspiracy, rather to the fact that they seem pretty smart people.

We need to get comfortable with the true reality of stereotypes. They are stereotypes because there is some truth in the depiction.

I mean most bar owners are Irish so are many of America's greatest writers, Eugene O'Neill, William Kennedy etc. In the advertising and sales business I also notice a lot of Irish names.

It is because we have the gift of the gab and expression, it is in our DNA.

Should we be horrified by noticing that?

Of course not.

There are few Jewish basketballers players, lots of African Americans ones, there are lots of Hispanic baseball players, not so many Irish any more. Italian Americans appear to be very good at soccer

Ergo, I can state that African Americans are disproportionately good at baskeball, Hispanic Americans at baseball and Italians good at soccer.

Any my point is? Let a million stereotypes bloom because much of it is what makes America great, the competing talents that different tribes have.

Barack Obama pretty much blew up the all African Americans are dumb stereotype all by himself.

It happened to the Irish too, The Irish were once depicted as apes by cartoonist Thomas Nast.

Then John F.Kennedy became president.

Sanchez mentioned Stephen Colbert in his rant, the same Colbert who joked about his Irish great- grandfather a few weeks back when testifying on immigration.

The truth is his great-grandfather was fleeing persecution and hunger when he came to America.

Jews fled the Nazis, Blacks came in slave ships.

Together we have created, not a perfect country, but one that is certainly the envy of the world.

This is a country that does not tolerate a Rick Sanchez, blaming his downfall on Jewish prejudice, when it is clearly about him and his presenting style, not his race.

He, of course, will go to his grave denouncing the Semitic conspiracy that brought him low.

But he needs to look in the mirror at the very embodiment of the arrogant 'conventional idiot" who brought him down.