It's a quiet street early in the morning where old ghosts meet, a few blocks from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan . I happened to be there this morning, thinking back to the immensity of that awful day in September 2001.

How it changed us utterly , nothing will ever be the same again.It was when we first heard of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden and they have since never been far from our mental landscape.

Now the gaping block long hole in the street screams out to us to never forget what happened here.

It was the worst day of our lives, perhaps of our century. I stood where thousands died and buildings too tall to fall crashed, bringing so many of our beloved down with them.

Now there is the clickety clack clack of the subway and then quiet while the working day has not yet begun . I am glad to see the hole is not so empty anymore, that at last the rebuilding has begun. It has taken far too long, the terrorist act still mocks us every time we show up in this empty spot.

Next year it will be ten years since that awful day.Today, though, there are just memories, unbidden but flowing back where so many lost life. This is hallowed ground.