It looks like President Obama is taking a shot at immigration reform after all. This week Obama met with Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and Republican Senator Lindsay Graham who have been trying for months to create a bipartisan bill.

So far however, it appears Graham is the only Republican likely to sign on to such a bill but Obama is seeking to move something on the Senate floor that will satisfy his immigration supporters, especially the Latino lobby, who have backed him heavily.

It seems like a kamikaze mission in the current climate. The prospects for immigration reform, never good to begin, with have gone further south every time the unemployment rate inches up.

Schumer and Graham will produce a blueprint that the White House will then go to work on.

This is precisely the same kind of deal Obama decided on with health care and then that came back to bite him.

Why won’t Obama lead from the front on this issue and proclaim a plan and use the bully pulpit to deliver?

Immigration advocates know that the president means well on this issue but he has only paid it passing attention.

Schumer and Graham are two of the most committed and hard working senators in the U.S. senate but they are not miracle workers.

For a bill to have any chance of passing Obama will have to lead from the front, a place he seems strangely reluctant to position himself.

It is time to throw caution to the winds on this one. A legislative victory here would galvanize his presidency.