I am amazed that the pope gets such a hearty seal of approval for taking a position that was pure common sense.

IE. condoms stop the spread of AIDS.

Who knew?

Yet we are supposed to be over the moon that this brave act has somehow transformed this church and made it far more acceptable to the ordinary man.

I think that is such complete nonsense.

I would not listen to an 85-year-old celibate man tell me about sexual issues no more than I would listen to a plumber telling me about brain surgery.

In both cases they lack the necessary experience.

I find it laughable, frankly, that the pope's words have ben parsed and analyzed and taken so seriously.

If he wants to speak about theology, moral issues, canon law I am all ears. He is clearly an expert and a person who has done the due dilligence

But condoms and sex?

What would he know?

I mean the argument has been over since condoms were invented. If two consenting adults of whatever sex decide they want to use them that is their business.

No one, especially the pope has the right to tell them no.

Itseems as obvious as saying that vegetables are good for you based on all empirical evidence.

Yet when the pope says it we are supposed to utter Hossannahs and speak about the enormous complexity of how he arrived at the decision.

i'm sure he did because he is a smart man and realizes the old position was patently absurd.

Kinda like when previous pope had to admit, yeah the world was round and was not the center of the universe