Phoebe Prince's mother was turned away twice after complaints to school authorities that her daughter (pictured above left) was being bullied in school. It also appears staff had far more knowledge of the bullying than they have revealed.

Anne O'Brien Prince went to the school and spoke with authorities there after her daughter came home upset and crying over the taunting and threats she was receiving.

Her mother got no satisfaction however, from school authorities and failed to convince them that her daughter needed far more protection.

The bullying continued with tragic consequences when Phoebe hung herself on January 14th after a particularly bad day of threats and bullying.

The revelation makes it all the more extraordinary that school authorities have essentially got off scot-free from the repercussions surrounding the case.

Anne Prince had moved back to the area with her famil , Phoebe her sisters Lauren, Tessa and Bridget, and brother Simon, from Ireland where they had settled and her husband Jeremy had started a blueberry farm.

Jeremy did not accompany the family and Phoebe missed him deeply by all accounts. he is now back with the family
Principal Dan Smith told Slate magazine in February that "There were instances of name-calling, with Phoebe, the week before she died. These were brought to our attention, we dealt with those kids right away. We also talked to her, we had her working with a school counselor, we talked to her mom."

The prosecutor Elizabeth Scheibel is in no doubt that the school staff knew "The investigation has revealed that certain faculty, staff and administrators of the high school also were alerted to the harassment of Phoebe Prince before her death."