Phoebe Prince, the 15-year-old Irish girl who committed suicide after relentless bullying, spent her last days in a state of abject terror, new documents reveal.

The documents were made available by the prosecution in court yesterday in Hadley, Massachusetts, when three girls were arraigned on charges of bullying Phoebe, who moved to South Hadley from Fanore, a small town in Clare.

The documents show Phoebe was in mortal fear after two separate groups of teenagers had targeted her. She told a friend that she was " not a tough girl" and "would not know how to fight" if confronted.

She repeatedly asked friends to walk with her down the halls of her school because she was so afraid.

In her final days the documents showed she was in a deep emotional depression after weeks of being called an “Irish slut” and other names, and she was petrified of the constant threats, name-calling and promises to beat her up.

The documents also allege that school authorities were perfectly aware of the threats against her, but choose to do nothing

The 40 pages of documents summarize the charges against Ashley Longe, Flannery Mullins and Sharon Chanon Velazquez. They have been charged with felonies including violation of civil rights and stalking, and have also been charged with similar crimes under juvenile laws.

Three other students — Sean Mulveyhill, 17, Kayla Narey, 17, and Austin Renaud, 18 — have also been charged as adults.

“When all the details become known, I am certain that my client will be cleared of these charges,” Colin Keefe, a lawyer for Velazquez, said Thursday.

The documents show the harassment began after Phoebe broke up with football star Sean Mulveyhill.

Sometime in November, Mulveyhill broke up with Phoebe and resumed dating Narey, a junior. Mulveyhill and Narey and their friend Ashley Longe began bullying Phoebe.

In December, Phoebe had a brief relationship with Renaud, the prosecutors stated, which incensed his one-time girlfriend Mullins, and her friend Velazquez.

Mullins spread the word that she was going to “beat Phoebe up.” Phoebe told friends that she “was scared and wanted to go home, ”to Ireland, her friends told investigators, and she went to see a school official. But nothing was done.

On Jan. 13, the day before she died, Phoebe described the bullying to a friend, and told her that that school “has been close to intolerable lately.”

The next day she hung herself after a day full of threats and insults.