Not only will Moneygall be the highlight of Barack Obamas 24-hour trip to Ireland it will be the highlight of his European visit if the US media has its way.

The story of an African American tracing his roots in a little Irish village has proven irresistible to the media who have flocked to the tiny County Offaly town.

The rest of his trip to London, France and Poland is preoccupied with affairs of state, making it of ho hum variety according to several journalists spoken with.

But Moneygall has that extra added ingredient.

NBC correspondent , Norah O'Donnell, herself a proud descendant of the old sod, says the Moneygall trip has a charming quality that will play very well in America.

"Its a great story," she said as she prepared to return to the village from Dublin for an NBC Today Show segment. "It is charming and the people in the village are great."

Legendary New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd agrees.

"It is like a Hollywood set in Moneygall she said. "It will be a sentimental welcome for Obama, and it will be very interesting to see how this most unsentimental of presidents handles it."

There is no question that Moneygall has become the center of the world overnight, even for a brief few hours.

The locals had a dream that has now come thought in astonishing fashion.

Despite every obstacle imaginable the most important man in the world will drop by their little town about 3 o clock Irish time this afternoon.

That is a real field of dreams come true.