Barack Obama may be no shoo-in for the Democratic nomination in 2012.

The latest opinion poll shows Obama has only 70 per cent support from Democrats to be that party's nominee in 2012.

That's down about 20 points in the past few months alone.

While it is still very difficult to see anyone beating Obama for the nomination, it seems clear that even hard core base Democrats are tired of his inability to take the fight to Republicans.

There was a discussion on Anderson Cooper on CNN last night about the possibility of a challenger to Obama last night, an unheard of scenario just a few months ago.

It is easy to see why however.

Gallup has his popularity sliding down around 39 per cent, lowest of his presidency while the Republicans mop up the media agenda with the swirls and currents of their own primary race.

Obama in Iowa yesterday seemed to have little to offer, the same tired old bromides about job creation and blaming Congress.

He should really look in the mirror if he wants to blame anyone for the paralysis.

Right after killing Bin Laden his approval soared and he had every opportunity to capitalize.

Instead he rolled over and played dead on the debt ceiling issue, I believe a pivotal moment in his presidency.

It was beautifully encapsulated in a cartoon at the weekend when Obama was shown trying to negotiate to get his dog Bo off his bed.

The negotiation ends with Bo on the bed and Obama sleeping on the floor saying 'OK that's a good compromise.'

That's how many Democrats believe he handled the debt issue,

A challenger from the left, ala Eugene McCarthy in 1968 in New Hampshire next year could make it very interesting.

Not saying it will happen, but the specter has now been raised.